Payment info

We accept the following payment methods for books and other items purchased in the online bookstore:


All credit and debit card transactions are made in euros (EUR). When using a card issued by a foreign bank to make a purchase, the transaction amount will be converted into the cardholder's home currency using the Visa and MasterCard card companies' exchange rates.


You can use electronic or mobile banking to transfer money to our account for domestic transactions, or you can use a money order at a bank or post office (the way you normally pay your bills). Based on the information in the order confirmation, you should fill out the payment order or payment slip. Within three working days of placing your order, please email us the proof of payment; we will then ship your order.

Upon request, we can provide legal entities with a pro forma invoice for bank transfers to our account.

For orders from abroad, a bank transfer to our account is also an option. Upon request, we will provide you with the payment instructions for international transactions. The buyer is responsible for paying the commission when making international bank transfers to our account. The commission is calculated based on the amount paid and the rules of the buyer's bank, with a minimum of 5 EUR.


The order can be paid at the time of delivery. In that case, you can only make a cash payment.

Cash on delivery is not an option for international orders.